Presenter Profiles 2016 Seminar

Dr Rupert Read Reader in Philosophy; School of Philosophy, Politics and Languages; University of East Anglia. Taking on board the anthropocentric/ecocentric dilemma, will look at the original convergence hypothesis developed by Bryan Norton – which sought to transcend both stances – going on to argue a stronger and deeper case relevant to what we know today.

Karin Kuhlemann Population Matters Trustee and elected Board Member; solicitor specialising in public law; researcher on UN procreation rights. Karin will review unsustainable population growth in both ethical and public policy contexts, exploring what cultural/normative paradigm shifts might be legally and politically possible. She will challenge a position that goes beyond anthropocentrism – not just people at the expense of the planet but adults today (us) at the expense of the biosphere as a whole and human children today and future generations: children yet to be born.

Dr Patrick Curry Academic and writer; author of (among other publications) ‘Ecological Ethics’ and ‘Deep Roots in a Time of Frost’ (an exploration of the ecological relevance of Tolkien). Patrick is a committed advocate of ecocentrism who has already drawn attention to the deep values clash between modernism (the dominant world-view that encompasses neo-liberal economics, the managerial state and techno-science) and enchantment (a world-view that honours the wonder of a world in which we are humble participants). In the “how to move forward?” context of this seminar Patrick will explore the tension between our core ecocentric beliefs and the prospects for reaching out to the majority of people and their law makers with strategies they might relate to.