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A fair proportion of our network were already members of Population Matters. At the annual PM Conference the informal Planet Centred Forum fringe is an opportunity for our moderators to report back and be questioned.

Biological Diversity. A US-based organisation and site with more emphasis on overconsumption and the wildlife extinction crisis than has Population Matters. Excellent web site well worth viewing.

Ecological Citizen. The new peer-reviewed online journal The Ecological Citizen was launched in July 2017, published in association with the Ecocentric Alliance, with Patrick Curry as editor in chief and Joe Gray as production editor.

The Club for Degrowth. One face of the degrowth movement which directly challenges conventional ‘endless growth’ economics. Holds international conferences (e.g. Budapest 2016). Views Universal Basic Income as a tool to combat job addiction. Linked to WMNEG through member Jeremy Heighway.

New Era Network. “Active people of goodwill working  for strong local and regional economies … ”. Evolved from years of exchanges with allies in India in which Dr Christine Parkinson (presented at April 2017 seminar) played a seminal role. Local and regional resilience is a key focus. Pat Conaty, author and initiator of democratic investment and enterprise schemes is part of the New Era Network. Pat co-founded Localise West Midlands with Colin Hines (also presented in April 2017).

MAHB: the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere is a broad-based global network co-founded by Paul Ehrlich that exists to foster ‘dialogue on the interconnectedness of activities causing environmental degradation and social inequity and the threat of collapse’ and to fundamentally change norms of how people perceive ecology.

Some Publications from Allies

Three Generations Left? – Human Activity and the Destruction of the Planet,   Dr Christine Parkinson, New Generation Publishing, 2016 paperback ISBN 978-1-78719-041-2

Progressive Protectionism, Colin Hines, New ebook, January 2017.

Ecological Ethics – An Introduction, Patrick Curry, Polity Press, 2011 paperback ISBN 978-0-745651-26-2

Deep Roots in a Time of Frost – Essays on Tolkien, Patrick Curry, Walking Tree Books, 2014 Paperback   ISBN 978-3-905703-33-7

Values for Our Time – An Essay into the Wonder and Woe of The World, Woody Wood, Devolve!, 2015 paperback ISBN 978-0-9931126-0-7

Which Values?, Woody Wood, Devolve!, 2016 paperback ISBN 978-0-9931126-1-4

A Journey into A Future – part three of the values trilogy, Woody Wood, Devolve!,         2017 paperback  ISBN 978-0-9931126-2-1

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