Audio recordings from Values for The Future Seminar 2017

These are the talks and discussions from the “Values for the Future” seminar held in Birmingham on Earth Day, 22 April 2017.  If you want to download these files, right-click on ‘Download’ as then ‘Save As…’.

Introduction to the day by Susan Miles & Woody Wood (Download):

Malcolm Currie, “Collaborative Functional Regions”, including questions (Download):

Dr Christine Parkinson, “Three Generations Left?” (Download):

Questions for Christine (Download):

Colin Hines, “Progressive Protectionism: Seeing off Brexit and Right-wing solutions” (Download) (Transcript):

Questions for Colin (Download):

David Hookes from SGR (Download):

Questions for David, Colin, Hertha, open discussion (Download):

Panel discussion and wrapping up (Download):


Some of the above talks have transcripts as marked – at present only the talk by Colin Hines.