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‘Values for The Future’ Seminar 2017

Our most recent one-day seminar was held on Earth Day, Saturday 22nd April 2017, at Carrs Lane Centre, Birmingham B4 7SX.

For audio recordings of most of the sessions please see the audio page. The next PCF Bulletin will feature a report on the Seminar.

The profiles of our invited presenters are retained below: –

Malcolm Currie grew up in post WWII Liverpool. Most of his working life was spent in Education coupled with community development, following training as a Geographer. He has founded and managed a variety of community based events and festivals. In the 1970s he launched and edited the country’s largest circulation tabloid community newspaper in Handsworth, managing it for some 8 years. In the 1980s, Malcolm launched the local version of Cafe Society, loosely based on Charter 88, promoting dialogue as an essential element in a stable and progressive society.

His long term interest in environmental issues has led more recently to a partnership with the founder of the Midlands Environmental Business Club. This has focused on a project intended to demonstrate the feasibility of neighbourhood based sustainability: the Uplands-Hilltop project, with cross sector education and business links, aims to take the UK’s largest allotment site and immediate neighbourhood ‘off-line’ for water, energy and basic fruit and vegetable supplies. The focus on the ‘local’ goes hand in hand with the ‘global’: a long standing relationship with colleagues as far as New Zealand, US and Japan which has included a presentation at the first global Community Currencies conference in Koriyama, Japan, in 2002.

Christine Parkinson is a biologist with a doctorate in behavioural studies and a lifelong interest in the environment.  Thirty years ago, in a career change, she moved to Birmingham and began working in deprived areas of the inner city, setting up three major projects for isolated and vulnerable people: a refuge for women; a social enterprise giving paid work to the unemployed and a health project supporting isolated asylum-seeking pregnant women. 

She has written three books, the latest of which will be launched at the Seminar “Three Generations Left? Human Activity and the Destruction of the Planet”. This outlines how a whole host of factors have been have been working together to worsen the global climate, leading to a loss of species and a prediction of a mass extinction before the end of this century.  The book outlines how political, trading and economic policy factors have made the global situation worse.

Colin Hines is an environmentalist who has been in the movement for decades campaigning on population, food, new technology and unemployment, nuclear proliferation and on the adverse environmental and social effects of international trade. He was the Co-ordinator of Greenpeace International’s Economics Unit having worked for the organisation for 10 years. This broad background resulted in his position that the only way to solve these problems was by replacing globalisation’s open borders with ‘Progressive Protectionism’.

He has been ahead of the game in three areas central to this approach. He has published reports and books calling for ‘Green Protectionism’ since 1990 and he was one of the few on the left and active in green politics who foresaw the need and political centrality of curbing inadequately controlled permanent migration. Finally he coined the term ‘Green New Deal’ and convenes the group of the same name which has campaigned for Green Quantitative Easing (QE) to help provide the enormous funding necessary for a nationwide green infrastructure programme. This would result in increased environmental protection and provide jobs in every community.



A report on our ‘Values and The Planet’ Seminar is still available on this site here.